10 Iconic Video Game Characters And Their Signature Slang Terms!

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Are you a gaming dad who wants to know what the most popular game characters would be like in real life? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve thought about all the gaming greats and what their favorite gaming slang would be. From Kratos’ classic catchphrase to Link’s Zelda lingo, this list has it all.

So get ready for some gaming fun; let’s dive into our top 10 gaming characters and their favorite slang!

Glados – “Hits Different”

For gaming fans, Glados’ “hits different” approach to taunting can be both hilarious and infuriating.

From her cutting remarks about failed Portal test chambers to her irreverent use of gaming slang, it’s easy to imagine the world not being ready for a hip and sassy Glados!

Luckily, we’ll never have to find out.

Albert Wesker – “Lit”

Albert Wesker embodies the perfect combination of evil and dad energy with his anime-infused attitude. He would be the first one to embrace gaming slang like “lit”, and incorporate it into every sentence he speaks!

Although this might seem odd in comparison to the tone of Resident Evil games, it’s actually fitting since they’re already super dramatic and over-the-top. It’s almost as if Wesker is using gaming slang to describe his horrific plans for global saturation… So lit!

Link – “Yeet”

“YEET!” If there’s one gaming character who would know how to properly pronounce this gaming slang, it’s The Legend Of Zelda’s Link. Not only does he run around tossing bombs and other objects with unmatched vigor, but adding in a “yeet” sound effect for him would be pure gold.

What better way to show just how into destruction you truly are than with the classic exclamation of “Kobe!”? Link is certainly the master of yeet!

Kratos – “Shook”

From gaming dad to gaming hipster, Kratos is all about keeping up with the times by adopting gaming slang like “shook” and “shooketh.” While it may be hilarious to hear him use it, this slang often takes players out of the gaming immersion that God Of War works so hard to create. But hey, sometimes a moment of levity is much needed in an intense gaming experience.

Plus, we can’t deny that Kratos trying to relate to Atreus can make for some great father-son bonding moments!

Agent 47 – “Low-Key”

Agent 47 is always cool and collected, but on the inside he’s a gaming aficionado.

He often uses gaming slang in his everyday conversations, most notably “low-key” and “high-key”. Whether he’s plotting a quiet assassination or needs to get loud when things don’t go as planned, Agent 47 never fails to bring gaming lingo into the mix. He may be twisted but he knows how to stay hip and trendy!

Commander Shepard – “Bae”

For gamers who are familiar with Mass Effect, Commander Shepard has become synonymous with gaming slang. Not only does the character use catchphrases that have been around for generations, but they often push the boundaries by using terms like “bae” to describe their romantic interest.

This might seem a bit outdated and cheesy for some players, but it definitely fits the Commander’s personality perfectly. Plus, there is always the chance that Shepard could be trying to juggle multiple baes aboard the Normandy!

Cloud Strife – “Bruh”

In gaming circles, one word defines Cloud Strife – “Bruh”. From his classic line of “whatever” to its gaming slang replacement, Cloud lets the gaming world know what’s up with his signature quip. Be it when he gets dressed up in women’s clothing or during some of the game’s most pivotal moments (we’re looking at you Aerith and Corneo!), a “bruh” moment is sure to follow suit each time.

Final Fantasy 7 will forever be remembered for its gaming slang thanks to our beloved hero, Cloud Strife!

Shadow The Hedgehog – “Cap”

Shadow The Hedgehog is the gaming community’s beloved meme, not least because of his edgy and over-the-top persona. Whether it’s a serious rant about the world or just flexing his power, Shadow never fails to add some gaming slang into the mix – like ending off with “no cap.” His cool attitude certainly goes a long way!

Nathan Drake – “Hangry”

Nathan Drake is the master of gaming slang, and he’s no exception when it comes to “hangry”. Instead of understanding the term as meaning anger caused by a lack of food, Nathan would likely take it to mean a hunger for anger. From then on, he’s sure to let everyone know that he’s ready to be hangry in any tense situation – which usually results in confusion from his opponents!

Leon Kennedy – “Flex”

Leon Kennedy has a way with gaming slang and can be found waxing lyrical about all manner of cool phrases. His latest remake version in Resident Evil 4 sees him using terms like “weird flex, but okay” to express his confusion – or admiration – for the villager wielding a chainsaw! Not to mention all the other moments he’ll break out gaming slang with Ada and Krauser. Who says gaming jargon is just for kids? Leon would probably disagree.

DO’H! – A Final Thought

As another gaming dad, I’m constantly on the lookout for cool slang my kids use while they’re playing their favorite games. Seeing how these iconic characters talk in real life was eye-opening; it’s almost like they are speaking an entirely different language!

From Kratos’ ‘Shook’ to Cloud Strife’s ‘Bruh’, these characters have their own ways of communicating that gamers recognize right away. What other fun gaming sayings do our favorite gaming characters use?

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