10 WWE Superstar Dads Balancing Careers and Fatherhood!

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Fatherhood is a responsibility that can be difficult to balance with the demands of a professional wrestling career. However, there are many WWE Superstar dads who have managed to do both exceptionally well. From John Cena and The Rock to other wrestling superstars, these dads have found ways to juggle fatherhood and their demanding careers without sacrificing either.

We’ll take an up-close look at some of the most influential fathers in the world of wrestling and discuss how they manage their parenting duties alongside their professional responsibilities. So join us as we explore the secret lives of WWE Superstar dads!

John Cena

While he’s known for his larger-than-life character, John Cena has also been an incredible role model for his two daughters, Sophia and Kayla. He is a dedicated parent who puts family first and shows up to support his girls at their events. Cena is also vocal about the importance of fatherhood, often speaking about balancing his career with parenting and how being a dad has had a positive impact on him.

The Rock

Another wrestling superstar who has juggled fatherhood, he is also busy as an actor and producer. He’s been married to Lauren Hashian since 2019 and they are parents to two daughters, Jasmine Lia, and Tiana Gia. He speaks fondly of his family life, saying that it’s been the key to his success. Despite the demand of his career, he takes time off to prioritize quality time with his family whenever possible.

Triple H

Another influential WWE Superstar Dad whose family always comes first. He’s been married to Stephanie McMahon since 2003 and they have three children, Aurora Rose, Murphy Claire, and Vaughn Evelyn. Triple H is a dedicated father who finds time in his hectic wrestling schedule for his kids. He’s also spoken about how much being a parent has changed him for the better and how he’s learned to appreciate every moment with them.

Rey Mysterio

One of WWE’s most beloved Superstar dads, Rey has four children – Aalyah, Dominic, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Dominik – all of whom are heavily involved in wrestling like their dad. Although balancing parenting commitments with professional obligations can be difficult at times, Mysterio emphasizes the importance of making time for family. In his words, “I always prioritize my kids and my wife above anything else.”

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Dolph Ziggler

One of the WWE Superstars who managed to make time for his daughter, Vivienne Rose. He’s spoken about the importance of fatherhood. He also spoke about him making sure that she knows she can always come to him with whatever she needs. For Ziggler, being a dad has been one of the most rewarding parts of his career. Plus, he loves spending time with her and cherishing every moment they have together.

Brock Lesnar

A wrestling legend and an incredible WWE Superstar Dad. Brock and his wife Lauren had two sons in 2016 and 2019, Turk and Duke respectively. Despite Lesnar’s busy schedule, he makes sure to prioritize his family and spends quality time with them whenever he can. He’s also open about how much he values fatherhood and the lessons it has taught him over the years.

Kurt Angle

This WWE Superstar is one of those wrestlers who put family first. He became a dad for the first time in 2006 when his daughter Kyra was born. He later also had two sons, Kody and Kade, in 2007. Angle speaks lovingly of fatherhood, noting that it teaches him valuable lessons each day. He added that fatherhood helps keep him grounded amid all of life’s challenges.


A WWE Hall of Famer and an incredibly dedicated WWE Superstar dad. He has two daughters – Lyric and Ruby – from a previous marriage. He’s also happy and in love with his current wife Beth Phoenix since 2013. Edge is vocal about the importance of fatherhood and cherishes every moment he has with his children. He’s also open about how much being a dad has made him more patient, understanding, and compassionate in life.

Randy Orton

He became a father for the first time in 2003 when Alanna Marie was born. Later, he had Brooklyn Rose in 2006, baby girl Remington Josephine in 2008. They were followed by Blake Alexander in 2010, and JJ Jason Adam in 2016. Despite his busy wrestling schedule, Orton makes sure to carve out quality time for his kids whenever possible. He also shares how much he values being a dad.

Shane McMahon

One of the most recognizable figures in WWE and a beloved wrestling Superstar Dad. He has three sons – Declan, Kenyon, and Rogan – all of whom are heavily involved in wrestling like their dad. Despite his hectic schedule as an on-screen character, Shane prioritizes family time with his kids whenever possible. He’s also spoken about how fatherhood has made him a better person and the valuable lessons it has taught him over the years.

Who’s your favorite in our WWE superstar dads?

These WWE Superstar dads prove that even the busiest of professionals can make time for the family if they truly prioritize it. From The Rock and Triple H to Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, these wrestling superstars show that fatherhood is the most valuable lesson one can learn. They use their influence to inspire others to cherish every moment with their kids and teach us all the importance of prioritizing family first.

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