15 Star Wars Characters and Their Signature Drinks – Order Yours at a Local Bar!

Ever wondered what drinks your favorite Star Wars characters enjoy sipping in their free time? From Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader, everyone has a favorite drink that’s out of this world. Join us on an adventure to find out what they love to drink and how you can order those cool drinks at a bar near you.

So, grab your spaceship and get ready to discover these amazing space drinks that bring a taste of Star Wars to our world!

Please drink responsibly; Don’t drink and drive; For people over the age of [LPA] only; or Pregnant women should not drink alcohol

1. Han Solo – Corellian Bourbon

A strong and smooth bourbon from the planet where Han Solo comes from, called Corellia. Corellian Bourbon fits his tough, adventurous, space cowboy personality that goes along with his daring and independent spirit.

Local bar order: Buffalo Trace straight on the rocks

2. Princess Leia – Alderaanian Sparkling Wine

A classy and elegant Champaign enjoyed mainly by royal lifestyles in her home country of Alderaanian. It symbolizes the resilience and spirit of the Alderaanian people, even in the wake of their planet’s destruction.

Local bar order: A glass of Dom Pérignon Vintage champaign

3. Luke Skywalker – Tatooine Sunset Ale

A local brew that has a strong citrus and refreshing taste. The citrus flavor makes him think about the warm and sunny feeling of a desert sunset in his home country of Tatooine.

Local bar order: Cigar City Brewing – Citrus Siesta Golden Ale

4. Darth Vader – Sith Bomb

A dark and intense concoction swirling with colors of midnight black and deep crimson. It has a secret ingredient that gives it an extra kick, just like the force that Darth Vader commands.

Local bar order: Jäger Bombs

5. Chewbacca – Wookie Brew

A hearty and robust beer with local flavors of Chewie’s home world, Kashyyyk. Fermented from Wroshyr tree sap, giving it a rich and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness. The hairy and boisterous brewmasters harvest the sap from the tallest and oldest Wroshyr trees.

Local bar order: Any Local Porter Beer – Hill Farmstead Everett

6. Lando Calrissian – Cloud City Cocktail

A sophisticated and smooth cocktail inspired by the smooth-talking gambler’s taste for luxury. The base of the drink is a rare Bespin Blue Spirit. For a splash of sophistication, the mixologist includes a dash of Calrissian Cloud Berry Nectar. Then a mist of Carbonite Chill is sprayed over the cocktail, giving it a cool, refreshing finish.

Local bar order: Smoked Bourbon Toscano

7. Yoda – Dagobah Green Tea Infusion

A soothing and herbal tea infusion that resonates with Yoda’s own philosophy of balance and harmony. As he drinks it allows him to deepen his meditations and maintain his focus on the balance between the light and dark sides.

Local bar order: Green Tea Shot

8. Obi-Wan Kenobi – Jedi Highball

A light and refreshing mixed drink to represent Obi-Wan’s balanced and calm demeanor. Bubbles rising to the surface signify the energy and vitality brought to his role as a Jedi. The twist of lemon peel garnish is shaped to resemble a lightsaber hilt.

Local bar order: Vodka Highball (Vodka Tonic)

9. Boba Fett – Mandalorian Mule

A strong and spicy mule cocktail, symbolizing Boba Fett’s tough, dangerous, and independent nature.The overall presentation of the cocktail, including its color, garnishes, and even the glassware, mirrors Boba Fett’s iconic armor and helmet.

Local bar order: Moscow Mule

10. C-3PO – Protocol Punch

C-3PO is a protocol droid designed for etiquette and translation, known for his proper and refined demeanor so he likes a sophisticated punch that will allow him to let loose.

Local bar order: Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

11. R2-D2 – Astromech Blue Ale

A futuristic and bubbly beer with a touch of blue in the name, inspired by R2-D2’s color scheme. This light and effervescent drink is fitting for a playful and energetic character like R2-D2.

Local bar order: Blue Moon Wheat Beer

12. Mace Windu – Purple Saber Haze

A vibrant and bold purple concoction, paying homage to Mace Windu’s distinctive lightsaber. The drink is made very strong and carefully to balance the light and dark sides of the drink. 

Local bar order: Purple Haze Martini

13. Jabba the Hutt – Hutt Hooch

A potent and exotic concoction served in Jabba’s palace, suitable for the crime lord’s extravagant tastes. The drink highlights his opulence, indulgence, and disregard for conventional norms while keeping guests mesmerized by the swirling, luminescent colors of the drink.

Local bar order: Ole Smokey – Hunch Punch Moonshine

14. Qui-Gon Jinn – Forceful Old Fashioned

A classic cocktail known for its simplicity and strong, straightforward flavors just like Qui-Gon Jinn’s no-nonsense attitude and his straightforward approach to situations. It’s like his lightsaber skills – no fancy moves, just effective!

Local bar order: Old Fashioned 

15. Rey – Jakku Sunrise

 A fruity and hopeful cocktail with bright colors reminiscent of Jakku’s sunsets and reflects her optimistic and determined nature. It’s a reminder that even when things get tough, there’s always a chance for good things to happen.

Local bar order: Tequila Sunrise

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