7 Must-Have Lumbar Rolls Every Active Dad Needs for a Pain-Free Back and Playtime

Attention active dads! Being a super active dad means lots of fun with your energetic kiddos, right? Running, jumping, and playing together is fantastic, but sometimes, it can make your back feel achy and, overall, not so great.

Imagine having something small but super helpful that could make playing with your kids easier and keep your back feeling awesome. That’s where the lumbar roll comes in! It’s like a special pillow that supports your back when you sit, stand, or play with your little ones.

Even middle linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, Jaelan Phillips, uses a lumbar roll on the sidelines during games (#1 on the list). That’s how good these lumbar rolls are on your back. 

The lumbar roll helps make sure your back stays strong and aligned, so you can keep having loads of fun with your amazing kids without any worry about your back hurting. Here’s our list of must-have lumbar rolls for you to try.

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The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll - Featured on Hard Knocks

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll is the top-selling back cushion, and the preferred choice of spine and back pain experts around the world. McKenzie back supports are ideal for any seat that does not provide adequate low back relief. They help ensure proper spine alignment and posture while sitting, assisting with pain relief, and prevention for the lumbar area.

Inflatable Lumbar Pillow

Perfect Fit Lumbar Spine: there are many possible causes of lumbar pain, including spinal inflammation, muscle area disease, osteophytes, herniated discs, or lumbar strains, etc. The lumbar pillow combines ergonomics with precise alignment of the lumbar joints and will guide the lumbar spine back to 26° normal curvature.

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow

Contoured memory foam cushion supports lumbar vertebrae discs and provides spinal relief. Helps maintain natural curve of lower spine as an office chair cushion, recliner or car seat cushion. This lumbar pillow is designed to help relieve pain while sitting and improve posture however it may not work for all conditions or completely eliminate all symptoms

RELAX SUPPORT RS13-S Lumbar Support Pillow

Whenever you drive or sit in your office chair, you usually prop up a pillow against your back to enjoy some sort of relief. Ordinary pillows, however, do a poor job of supporting your spine and may even cause more back discomfort. Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability. Dealing with a sore back can make you miss out on work and spending quality time with loved ones.

The Original McKenzie D-Section Lumbar Roll by OPTP

These lumbar (low back) rolls are the top-selling back cushions, and the preferred choice of spine and back pain experts around the world. McKenzie back supports are ideal for any seat that does not provide adequate low back support, helping ensure proper spine alignment and sitting posture while assisting with lumbar area pain relief.

Vive Lumbar Roll - Cervical Cushion Support Pillow

Supporting the natural curvature of the spine, the lumbar roll by Vive provides optimal support for the lower back. Relieving pain, pressure and fatigue, the firm foam lumbar roll promotes proper posture when seated for extended periods of time. Lightweight and portable, the cushion is made with a high-density foam with a breathable mesh cover.The lumbar cushion also features an adjustable strap with a quick release buckle to easily secure it to any seat at home or on the go.

Wonder-Roll Self Inflatable Lumbar Roll

iNVENTED by PHYSICAL THERAPIST – The Wonder-Roll lumbar support pillow is used by hospitals, physical therapy, and medical clinics across the country as an aid to relieve back spine pain associated with sitting. Take the Wonder-Roll back support cushion anywhere! Roll it up, fold it, or flatten it to fit in a pocket, or briefcase. Includes support strap for firm anchoring to make it the perfect desk chair back support.

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