Are Robots Painting the Future in More Ways Than We Think?

Robots painting top of car

Ever imagine turning your car into a piece of art? Now imagine if a robot could paint the master art piece on your car. Pretty cool, right! This is exactly what the ABB Robotics’ team are calling PixelPaint and they claim it maybe the future of robots painting.

Robots Painting Cars is a Reality

Robots are increasingly being used in various industrial applications, including painting cars. The advantages of using robots for painting cars include increased accuracy and consistency, as well as reduced labor costs. According to ABB Robotics the benefits of PixelPaint go even deeper than that. The company claims that their tech will help lower emissions as well as save water and energy that’s involved with painting by removing the need for masking materials and extra ventilation. ABB has said that these benefits can cut production times in half and save up to 60% in cost.

You can see the robotic painting arm in action in the video released by the company below. In the promotional video, they partner with an eight year old artist named Advait Kolarkar  as well Dubai-based digital design collective Illusorr to bring the world’s first robotic painted car to life.

A Savage Dad’s Final Thought

Robots are pretty badass and they keep impressing me with every new story I see about them. If robot painting arms are wanting to paint a masterpiece on my car, I say paint, robot paint. I think I’ll take a Monét painting if that’s on the menu. What’s type of art would you want your robot painting to be?

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