Are Smart Robots the New Human?

Smart robot mimicking human

The futuristic smart robots are here and they are learning human skills faster than anyone ever imagined. Scientists are now able to create robots that can learn tasks by watching humans. This could have a huge impact on the future of robotics. The potential applications for this technology are endless, and it’s exciting to think about all the possibilities.

In the past, robots have been limited to pre-programmed tasks they could perform over and over again. But now these smart robots are starting to learn how to do things that humans do. This is a huge breakthrough and it’s opening up all sorts of new possibilities for what robots can do.

Really Smart Robots are Learning Really Fast

Robots are increasingly entering our lives more every year. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new way for them to learn quickly from human demonstrations. They do this by reprogramming the robot in random poses that it’s never encountered before. Doing this allows the robot to learn a new skill in just 10 to 15 minutes. This technology allows for quick and easy adaptation to changes in the environment or task. Which makes the smart robots more versatile and useful than ever before.

According to the research, this new smart robot technology is ideal for the e-commerce space. The robots are being trained to store mugs upside down and in separate locations. They’re doing this by using a neural network model Neural Descriptor Field (NDF). The new “pick-and-place tasks” has an 85% success rate. This is assessed on how accurately the robot grabs an object and puts it in a set location. 

A Savage Dad’s Final Thought

The new technology will be a game-changer for certain, if not all, industries. However, I’m still waiting for one to be a household version smart robot. That is until the iRobot scenario take affect and they take over the world. Let’s hope not. What kind of robot are you waiting to be released?

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