Camping with your SUV? Here’s a Quick Guide to Choosing an SUV Tent for Family Camping

camping tents above car

Are you looking for the perfect camping tent to fit your SUV and make camping with your family easier? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore all the different types of SUV tents available on the market today. We’ll discuss the features of camping with SUV tents, pros and cons, prices, customer ratings, and more. Plus, we’ll provide some tips on how to choose the right SUV tent for your needs and preferences. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better idea of which SUV tent is best for you and your camping adventures. So let’s get started!

Introducing SUV Camping Tents

SUV tents are tents that attach to your SUV or hatchback, allowing you to use the space inside your vehicle as part of your camping shelter. SUV camping tents are designed to fit the size of your SUV and provide the perfect shelter for a comfortable family camping trip. These tents usually come with many features such as extra-large doors, mesh windows, and ceiling vents to ensure proper air circulation, large storage areas for all your camping gear, as well as multiple zipper access points for convenience. They also come with an integrated rainfly that helps protect you from the elements, and some even have a built-in sleeping area for added comfort.

Types of SUV Camping Tents and their Features

Different types of SUV tents depend on their size, shape, design, and compatibility with various vehicles. Taking a look at this SUV tents comparison will help you know which one will be more suitable for your vehicle, as well as for your camping needs. Some common types of SUV tents are:

Dome-to-go tents

These are dome-shaped tents that fit around the cargo area of your SUV, creating a spacious living area. They can also be used as standalone tents without attaching to your vehicle.

SUV tailgate tents

These are tents that attach to the rear hatch or tailgate of your SUV, extending the sleeping space into your vehicle. They usually have a large door and windows for ventilation and access.

Universal SUV tents

These can fit most types of SUVs and hatchbacks, regardless of their shape or size. They usually have a sleeve or tunnel that connects to your vehicle’s rear door, creating a seamless transition between your tent and your car.

Camping with SUV Tents Pros and Cons

SUV camping tents have some pros and cons that you may want to consider before buying one. You must take a look at what you can get with SUV camping tents for your next camping trip.

Here are some of the pros of SUV tents:

  • Easy to set up and use. Most SUV tents are simple to attach to your vehicle and require minimal tools or skills. You can also detach them easily if you need to drive somewhere
  • Saving money. By using an SUV tent, you can save money on renting a campsite, a hotel room, or a larger tent. You can also use your vehicle’s amenities, such as power outlets, lights, heating or cooling
  • Extra protection. An SUV tent provides extra protection from the elements, such as rain, wind, cold, or heat. You can also keep your valuables inside your locked vehicle for security
  • Flexibility. An SUV tent allows you to camp anywhere your vehicle can go, whether it’s a paved road or an off-road trail. You can also choose between sleeping inside your vehicle or your tent depending on your preference
  • Extra room. An SUV tent adds more living space to your camping setup, allowing you to store more gear, invite more guests or enjoy more comfort. You can also use the space inside your vehicle as a lounge area, a kitchen, or a bathroom
camping tents above car

While SUV camping tents provide additional comfort to your camping experience, it also has some setbacks to consider. Some of the cons are:

  • Limited compatibility. Not all SUV tents are compatible with all types of vehicles. You may need to check the dimensions and features of your vehicle and the tent before buying one. Some vehicles may not have enough space inside for sleeping comfortably
  • Reduced mobility. Once you set up an SUV tent, you may be unable to drive away without detaching it first. This can be inconvenient if you need to run errands, explore nearby attractions or deal with emergencies
  • Increased gas consumption. Driving with an SUV tent attached to your vehicle may increase your gas consumption due to added weight and drag. This can affect your budget and environmental impact

So, should you get an SUV camping tent?

Of course, you should. SUV camping tents are a great way to save money and enjoy extra protection when you go camping with your family. Yet, it’s a must to consider the compatibility of your vehicle before buying one as well as its reduced mobility once set up. Additionally, SUV tents may increase gas consumption due to their weight and drag on the vehicle. All these factors should be taken into account to make sure that the SUV camping tent you got is right for you and your family’s camping needs.

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