Dad Brings Gaming Console in Baby Delivery Room – Bad Idea or Genius

What is there for a dad to do when waiting for his baby to arrive in this world? Setup his gaming console in the delivery room and get his game on, what else! Thats exactly what this dad did when his girlfriend was in labor. His girlfriend posted the gaming setup on TikTok and I want to know if this is a bad idea or if it’s simply genius.

Why Didn’t I Think of This

I have been in the same situation waiting for my children to be born and can say that the wait can get really boring. Not only for me but my wife shared the same bordem. We just killed time by watching Netflix movies on my tiny iPhone screen. So when I saw this viral TikTok clip of a whole gaming console setup with a full size tv, the first think I thought was GENIUS! Then I wondered, was he streaming it also?

However, when you read some of the comments posted on the video it seems some people do not feel the same.

TikTok is Torn on this Gamers Priorities

Some people love the game console in the delivery room but others hate it. Check out some of these comments.

First the good:

via giphy

“Low key I want mine to bc I like to sit and watch, it’d distract me from the pain”

“That’s a good idea”


While others brought the negativity:

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That’s sad how video games are taking over people’s lives

“Dudes that do this are tools”

“and next ex boyfriend”

Gaming Console for the Win

In all, people will have their own opinions either positive or negative. What’s important is these two parents are great to their kid and are present, which seems to be the case. I love this and think it is absolutely genius to bring your gaming console into the delivery room. Are there any other great ways to spend your last bit of peace and quiet before your baby is born? Let us know below.

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