Dad Fashion Revolution: Pedro Pascual’s Stylishly Unique Take on Fatherhood and Fashion

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Pedro Pascal is truly having the time of his life! Not only is he making waves with HBO’s dystopian drama The Last Of Us, but he’s also just kicked off the highly-anticipated third season of the Disney+ Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian. His recent schedule has kept him busy with interviews, hosting Saturday Night Live, and appearing at red carpets around the world. In fact, Forbes even went so far as to declare that “we’ve hit peak Pedro Pascal.” But it’s not just his acting chops that have turned heads – it’s also his cool dad fashion sense

He made an unforgettable entrance at the Last of Us premiere in a shimmering Saint Laurent overcoat. On The Fallon show he looked handsomely dapper in a three-piece Dzojchen suit. And for his SNL monologue, he opted for a bright purple Valentino blouse.

All these choices showcased Pascal’s signature style. Classic pieces with a modern twist give fans a glimpse into his timeless yet trendy dad wardrobe.

When it came time to pivot to Mandalorian-inspired fashion, Pedro Pascal enlisted the help of Julie Ragolia, an experienced editorial and runway stylist who had previously dressed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as LaKeith Stanfield, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Riz Ahmed.

For the Mandalorian season 3 premiere in London, he wore a unique ensemble consisting of billowy red Acne Studios trousers. He paired it with a toffee-brown open-knit cardigan that was cinched at the waist and left unbuttoned so as to show off a ribbed gray tank.

The following day, he made another fashion statement in a dazzling silver foil cardigan from streetwear veteran Angelo Urrutia’s 4S Designs label over a sheer top from New York favorite Commission.

Dad Fashion Must Be Everyday

Taking cues from modern dad fashion while maintaining his cool aesthetic, Pedro styles himself as the perfect example of how dads everywhere can look fashionable without compromising their own sense of style.

His style is often described as “cool dad,” but with a modern edge. At the Mandalorian premiere in LA he wore a Gucci ensemble featuring a buttery yellow puff-sleeve blouse, French’s Classic Mustard-toned sweater knotted over his shoulders, square-framed Andy Wolf glasses and airy taupe flares. This look perfectly captures Pascal’s laid back yet stylish “dad fashion” aesthetic.

Pascal is also fond of bold accessories like chunky leather shoes from French label Adieu to add a further bit of personality to his outfits. His style has gained lots of traction on social media. All these thanks to celebrity stylist Karla Ragolia who often posts photos of him alongside other high profile clients like Donald Glover and Jake Gyllenhaal wearing similarly eye-catching outfits.

While his style may be described as “cool dad,” it still retains an updated and unique flair. Both makes a timeless and modern at the same time. By combining classic pieces with bold accents, Pascal has created his own take on dad fashion that many are sure to copy in the future.

The Stylist Behind This Trending Dad Fashion

Jonny Ragolia is shaking up the internet with his unique, stylish dad fashion. The celebrity stylist has found fame in recent years after regularly dressing actor Pedro Pascal in daring and unexpected looks. They give him an aura of coolness that has been described as “apocalypse daddy to hot professor” by British GQ. Ragolia knows how to make a statement with an outfit. Like, when Pascal wore a cream suit and Dior sneakers to the Golden Globes or a pink checkered shirt for the Critics Choice Awards.

His style can be described as eccentric, but tastefully so. He often pairs flashy colors with classic pieces like blazers, chinos and loafers to produce looks that are fun and flamboyant yet still sophisticated. The two have teamed up since 2019 to create looks that have allowed Pascal to show off his personality in a way that hasn’t been seen before on the red carpet.

Pascal’s Evolution of Fashion as a Dad

Pascal’s wardrobe choices have become increasingly bolder over time. It includes bright colors, interesting patterns, unexpected accessories. The fashion combo made all the more unusual by his approachable attitude and playful demeanor. All these helps keep them feeling fresh instead of gimmicky.

Not only do these iconic looks always receive praise online. They also help cement Pascal’s status as an icon of cool dad fashion. An aesthetic which Ragolia says he loves creating for him. As Ragolia puts it, “I just enjoy shaking up the internet for people”.

But beyond its tastefulness, this fashion statement also makes a statement about modern masculinity. No longer do dads have to stick to the rugged workwear or grungy denim typically associated with fatherhood.

Instead they have the freedom to express themselves just as their kids would. Through playful colors and laid-back silhouettes that reflect their personal style. This approach is taking the world by storm as more and more dads embrace their newfound identity. These dads now become stylish influencers in their own right.

A Rad Dad’s Final Thought

As a fellow dad, I can relate to Pedro Pascal’s style of cool dad fashion. He has gone from strength to strength in recent years. And, he is certainly influencing the way dads dress around the world. What I’m wondering is: will this trend continue? Will we see more dads embracing their cool side and standing out from the crowd with bold, fashionable choices?

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