Dad Shoes are the New MLB Cleat

Close-up of New Balance dad shoe cleat

The term dad shoes have been a major keyword and lifestyle for dads since the early 2010’s. Now over 10 years later, the lifestyle has been brought to the major leagues.

Dad shoes are typically characterized by their oversized, chunky shape and often have multiple straps or laces. But that didn’t stop two Washignton Nationals relievers, Steve Cishek and Tanner Rainey, into turning the classic dad shoe into cleats. And to say that the shoes were a hit would be an understatement.

Dad Shoes Cleats have Comfort and Functionality

Cishek and Rainey are both dads and have had the idea floating around for the last couple years. Cishek finally made the jump and ordered the New Balance shoes at the start of the season. After some engineering they managed to add cleats to the bottoms.

Now it was time to put the new dad shoe cleats to the test. The duo broke the cleats in during their weekly pregame warmups and decided to debut them for the Fathers Day game. The power of the dad shoe cleats didn’t get them on the field that day to play. But the pregame appearance made a huge impact on the internet and around social media platforms.

“It’s amazing. It’s hilarious,” Cishek said. “I might be converted over to them here pretty soon, as a dad, because after wearing them all day, they are literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.”

“I understand why guys wear them, especially older men,” Rainey said. “Don’t know that I can make it a full-time cleat, but they’re definitely comfortable.”

A Savage Dad’s Final Thought

Hands down, I love it. Anything involving the classic New Balance dad shoe is a home run for me. The MLB should take note and run a promotion with MLB next season to have each player wear these for Fathers Day. I am going to get a pair for my upcoming softball season. Could you see yourself or your dad wearing these classic dad shoe cleats?

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