Final Days of Becker Hardware: Colts Neck Store Closure Revealed

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Becker Hardware, located on the bustling Route 34 in Colts Neck, has been a family-run business for more than 120 years. It has delighted customers with their extensive selection of hardware and home improvement supplies. Art Becker, the proud owner and a cool dad to many over the years, is getting ready to retire in April and close up shop. But, at least, not before one final sale starting March 17th!

The Legacy of Art Becker and Becker Hardware

Becker Hardware has become an iconic store over the years thanks to Art’s dedication and passion for helping his customers. He often put in 70-80 hour weeks just so he could help out those who needed it most. Art truly enjoyed seeing how appreciative his customers were for his help; it brought him immeasurable satisfaction.

The cool dad of Colts Neck will be missed by all! Looking to pick up some last minute hardware or home improvement items? Then, make sure you check out Becker Hardware’s final sale starting March 17th. You won’t want to miss it!

For more than four generations, the Becker family has been synonymous with quality hardware in Middletown and surrounding areas. Their journey began in 1903 when Morris Becker opened his first hardware store in NYC and relocated to Red Bank in 1923. His son Joe took over management of the store in 1937, and this is where the family’s story truly begins.

A History of Becker Hardware in Middletown.

In 1969, Art Becker, Joe’s son, joined the business. Two years later, they purchased land on Route 34 in Colts Neck and built their current store. This was a sign of how dedicated the Beckers were to providing excellent service to their customers. It’s also a testament of building a business that would thrive for generations.

After several decades of successful growth and expansion, Art’s sons Dan and Jeff entered the business in the 1990s. Truly, it is an impressive feat for any father-son duo! The family have proudly guided the retail business for four generations now.

Dan Becker aptly commented “We celebrate our family’s success…” This marks not only the end of an incredibly successful chapter for the Beckers but also an exciting new one. Given their commitment to excellence, they look towards continued success into the future.

The Father-Son Tandem in Hardware

Jeff and Art Becker, fathers and sons, have closed their family-owned business, Becker Hardware. It’s been a long chapter in their family history, but it’s come to an end. The past three years have been particularly challenging due to the pandemic and labor shortage. The supply chain shortages made it increasingly difficult to keep up with orders. They would only receive 10% to 15% of what they ordered from their primary supplier. However, despite these obstacles, Jeff and Art remained dedicated to running their store through thick and thin.

In fact, Jeff described his father as a “Cool Dad” for his resilience in the face of adversity. He credited his father for keeping the business afloat during the most difficult times. Art worked tirelessly each day to ensure that their customers were taken care of despite the lack of staff or supplies. Throughout this trying period, Jeff said he was inspired by his dad’s determination. This is something which he hopes will continue to be passed on through generations.

Providing Reliable Power Equipment and Customer Service During Trying Times.

When it comes to power equipment, Becker Hardware is the place to go for all your lawn mowing and tractor needs. Even in trying times such as the pandemic, this family-run business has continued to be a reliable source for its customers.

Owner of Becker Hardware, “Cool Dad” Becker, was faced with an unexpected surge in demand for their power equipment. With suppliers unable to keep up with orders and some closing up shop altogether, Cool Dad knew he had to find an alternative solution. Working tirelessly to ensure his customers were taken care of prompted him to make a difficult decision when he received an offer on the building.

Rather than jump into a long-term commitment that would take away from the personal touch customers get at Becker Hardware, Cool Dad discussed it with his sons and decided that it was in the best interest of both parties involved. No matter what the future holds for this beloved business, one thing will always remain true. Cool Dad’s commitment to providing his customers with top-notch customer service remains unwavering and will never waiver.

A Cool Dad’s Trusted Name in Home Equipment and Machinery

Becker Hardware has been a trusted name in lawn care since its establishment in the heart of Central New Jersey. From custom-blended grass seed mixtures specially formulated for this region to premium power equipment and other garden products, Becker Hardware is the go-to destination for cool dads looking to get the job done.

We’ve watched with appreciation as countless employees have come and gone over the years, along with our loyal suppliers, and all the customers who have walked through our doors. Becker Hardware has truly been a family affair, and we are grateful for all of their hard work and dedication.

So if you’re looking for advice on how to maintain your lawn or need help sourcing that specific product you need for your garden project, don’t hesitate to give Becker Hardware a call today!

DO’H! – A Final Thought

As a family-run establishment that has been around for generations, Becker Hardware has certainly earned its place in the hearts of many. It’s no wonder why Art Becker is such an iconic figure in the community; his dedication to providing excellent customer service and quality supplies is truly commendable. I am filled with admiration for this amazing business and its role in keeping Colts Neck alive and thriving. So tell me, what’s your favorite memory of Becker Hardware?

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