Ja Morant and Karl-Anthony Towns Have True Sport Dads

It can be a very emotional experience to watch your son compete in any activity, but it’s even more intense when it’s a physical competition. Fathers can provide valuable support for their sons by offering encouragement, positive reinforcement and instruction. They can also serve as role models, demonstrating how to handle winning and losing with dignity. While Ja Morant and Karl-Anthony Towns are both at the top their of their sport, that doesn’t stop their dads from showing up and pouring out their support for their boys.

This was evident in round one of the 2022 NBA playoffs when we witnessed Ja Morant’s Memphis Grizzlies take on Karl-Anthony Towns’s Minnesota Timberwolves. It was a very exciting series that was great to watch. However, I found myself enjoying the fun banter going back and forth between the two superstars dads throughout each game. The dads even placed a fun bet between themselves on who’s son would win the whole series.

The bet was this – if the Grizzlies win the series then Karl-Anthony Towns’s dad would rock Ja Morant’s jersey and the same vice-versa. When the series was over we saw the Grizzlies win. Karl-Anthony Towns’s dad was a man of his word and approached Ja Morant and his dad after the final game to settle up his bet. It was a great moment and showed the bond between NBA superstars and their dads. You can watch the video below.

A Savage Dad’s Final Thought

I love seeing this kind of thing in any sport and will write about it as much as I can. Some people disliked seeing the two dads taking up tv time and to that I would say, get over it. They didn’t ask for the cameras to be on them. The media will show and put a story on whatever they want. Instead, let’s check out the good example of father-son relationships and try to mirror it ourselves in our own ways. Much respect to these two dads and every other dad that shows support and encouragement for their kids interest and hobbies.

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