Limp Bizkit has a Fun Take on Dads in Their Newest Music Video “Dad Vibes” (Video) 

The band is finally back and they never lost a beat with their new song “Dad Vibes” on their new album ‘Still Sucks.’

Limp Bizkit’s new music video for “Dad Vibes” drives home the real vibe of dads, with members of the iconic band dressed up as various dad stigmas. The video is a hilarious look at how everyday dads would put a music video together, from the outfits they wear to the production of the video. Limp Bizkit has always been known for their rap-rock sound, and the “Dad Vibes” video is just another example of their sense of humor and creativity. The video is sure to get you laughing, and maybe even make you think about your own father in a new light.

Check out their newest album, ‘Still Sucks,’ and be sure to see if their tour will stop in your city. The Still Sucks tour started on April 28 and will be a show you wont want to miss. 

Watch Limp Bizkit’s video for “Dad Vibes” below.

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