My Awesome Dad – Pilot at Night, Super-Dad During the Day

Huge shoutout to my dad who, btw, is also a pilot. 

As a pilot, he has to be on faraway trips. But when I am missing him, he comes back, there’s nothing I appreciate more than him being home. He’s an amazing dad who loves to take us on beautiful outdoor adventures. Even though the great outdoors isn’t my #1 vote for a vacation, he makes it awesome. There is not anyone in the world that I would rather go on a camping trip with. 🙂 My dad is willing to do anything. He offered to do tiktok dances with me! They are so fun and he does them so well! 

He always is teaching us the lessons we need to know to be successful in life. 

He’s a great example for my siblings and I.

I can’t imagine life without my awesome dad. So I just want to say thank you, for being awesome. I love you. 

Thanks Dad

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