Mychal Thompson Analyzes Dubs’ Greatest Weakness Heading Into Playoffs

coach thompson in basketball court

Mychal Thompson, the rad dad of two-time NBA champion Klay Thompson, spoke to KNBR’s “Murph & Mac” show after the Warriors’ recent loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Mychal pointed out that the lack of size on their roster was a major reason for their defeat. He explained that Anthony Davis’ dominance in the paint was a factor that Golden State could not overcome in their three losses against the Lakers this season.

In his conversation with Murph & Mac, Mychal said he had been advocating for size all season, but no one seemed to be listening. He suggested that if they acquired an imposing big man who could help them in the paint and on defense, it would make a huge difference for Golden State’s playoff push.

Mychal Thompson is no stranger to success in basketball himself—he won two championships while playing with the Showtime LA Lakers during the 1980s and is now offering valuable insight from his experience as a father of an NBA star. His advice can provide substantial benefits for the Warriors organization if they take it seriously.

Mychal Thompson knows a lot about the Warriors’ biggest man

Thompson has a firsthand look at how Looney plays his heart out for Golden State. He said that while it is admirable that Looney gives it his all on the court, size can be an issue in the playoffs against teams with big men like Nikola Jokić and Joel Embiid who have offensive ability as well as defensive prowess.

With no trades made before the deadline to acquire a power forward/center to space the floor and bolster the paint, backup “big” JaMychal Green is also similarly sized to Looney; both stand at 6-foot-9.

This leaves Mychal Thompson concerned about how well Golden State can compete in the playoffs since their best chance to beat an opponent is not by outshooting them but rather by exploiting mismatches in size and skill inside the paint.

Mychal Thompson just simply knows the game like the back of his palm

Mychal Thompson may not be the most recognizable name in the NBA, but he is one of the most influential voices in basketball. As the father of Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson, Mychal has seen firsthand the success and failures that come with elite-level basketball. And when it comes to how his son’s team should approach their roster construction, Mychal knows what works and what doesn’t.

Mychal believes that Warriors coach Steve Kerr was successful last season with a small-ball approach that torched opposing teams; however, he claims that it will be difficult for them to replicate this success for the upcoming season. “You can’t drive your car looking in the rearview mirror,” said Mychal. “This year it looks like size is important. The Warriors scrap and play their hearts out but since they’re so small, Steve Kerr’s got to emphasize everyone having a foot in the paint when a shot goes up.”

Mychal knows that rebounding is key to any championship run, which is why he has urged coach Kerr and his team to make sure they have enough size on their roster this season. As he stated himself: “No rebounds, no rings,” – a phrase coined by Hall of Famer Pat Riley and one that still holds true today according to Mychal Thompson’s cool dad tone of wisdom.

DO’H! – A Final Thought

Mychal Thompson’s insight into the Warriors’ lack of size being a problem going forward was right on. His experience as an NBA champion and cool dad to Klay shines through his analysis. It makes me wonder if the Warriors can make any moves before the trading deadline to bolster their roster in the paint. Could Mychal be the one to give them advice on such a move, or is he content with giving his son some much-needed fatherly love during this time off?

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