New Dad Fear: Ram Charan Discusses the Uncertainties of Fatherhood

new dad on TV show

Ram Charan, the acclaimed actor and producer, recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America ahead of his appearance at the Academy Awards During his time on the show, he discussed his mega-blockbuster movie RRR. He also shared some insightful tidbits about becoming a new dad.

When asked about how much fear he had as a new dad, Ram replied that he and his wife hadn’t planned for children all these years. Now, he was now making sure to be available for her every step of the way. This comment was a reflection of the caring nature that has made him so beloved amongst fans worldwide!

A new life from 9 years of marriage

Ram and Jennifer engaged in an amiable conversation, with Ram expressing his gratitude for their meeting. He cheerfully revealed that his wife was traveling to the United States for a while, prompting Jennifer to remark that it would be a privilege to deliver their baby when the time came.

As they conversed, it became apparent that Jennifer was not only a gynecologist. She is also highly experienced in midwifery, providing assurance to Ram that he was in good hands.

The expecting parents have been married for almost nine years. They are also elated to welcome a new member into their family. Fans from across the globe have been showering messages of love, joy and blessings for the couple’s little bundle of joy. 

RRR’s Inspiration and Success

Ram recently spoke about RRR and its director, S. S. Rajamouli, on the show. The powerful bond of brotherhood between two characters inspired the movie. And, it has been highly praised for its compelling script. In Ram’s words; ‘It is one of the finest writings of my director Rajamouli, he is known as the Steven Spielberg of India.’ 

On the show, Ram also hinted that Rajamouli may soon be making his way to global cinema with his next project. The speculation strengthened when their song Naatu Naatu from RRR got nominated in the 2023 Academy Awards for Best Original Song. 

Let’s talk about Rajamouli’s illustrious career and successful films like Baahubali and Eega. It comes as no surprise when international recognition follows suit. Will Rajamouli make his international debut in the near future? It will definitely be a huge milestone in Indian cinema!

DO’H! – A Final Thought

I’ve been there, a new dad. I’m in awe of Ram Charan’s commitment to supporting his wife’s every step of the way. His selflessness and dedication is truly inspiring. It makes me wonder what other parents might learn from him. Can we all strive to be as present and available for our children as Ram has been? What are some small steps each of us can take? We all want to ensure that our children receive the love and attention. It’s so they can grow up strong and happy?

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