One Dad with Chalk is Creating Awesome Art

Once upon a time in a quiet neighborhood, there was a dad who had a special talent for turning boring sidewalks and driveways into colorful masterpieces. But instead of using fancy paints, he used something very simple: chalk!

Yes, you heard that right – chalk! The same bright colored stuff that you would use in school on the chalkboard. He has used it to create all sorts of amazing pieces of art. He has created scenes from Disney, Space Jam, and even Mario.

Check out his process in this time lapse video posted on his TikTok channel, @adadwithchalk

Check out the finished Luigi piece below


Walkthrough of the recent chalk drawing. Checkout the page for more videos #luigi #supermario #mariokart #adadwithchalk

♬ Super Mario Bros. – Castle Theme – 8-Bit Arcade

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