Shadeur Sanders Candidly Reveals His Reason For Avoiding His Dad Deion During Game Days

shadeur sanders

Shadeur Sanders is the newest addition to the Colorado football program, and it’s no surprise that he was recruited by his father, Deion. As the Buffaloes get ready to take on TCU in September, Shadeur Sanders has revealed what it’s like to be coached by his dad – he tends to stay away from him on game day!

Shadeur Sanders on Avoiding His Dad on Game Days

“From my experience with him, I stay away from him on game days,” Shadeur said during a press conference Sunday. “I don’t ask him anything. I don’t hang around. Don’t also play with him. Just kept my distance from him.”

Shadeur Sanders also said, “Like, the first day of anything, and then when it’s game day, it’s exactly the same. He’s gonna snap. So, I just keep my distance from him on those types of big days.”

But it hasn’t all been distant between the father-son duo. Shadeur and his dad have also seen great success together at Jackson State. The 2023 recruit threw 70 touchdowns and over 6,900 passing yards during his time with the Tigers. They amassed a 23–2 record as the starting QB along the way.

We can’t wait to see what this cool dad-son team will be able to do when they take on TCU in just a few months! It’s gonna be an exciting game to watch!

A Rad Dad’s Final Thought

So what’s the final takeaway from Shadeur Sanders’ experience with his cool dad, Deion? It looks like when it comes to game day, a little distance goes a long way. And, it might just be the very thing that helps them make it to victory! Do you think Shedeur will be able to use this father-son relationship to help take Colorado’s football team further than ever before?

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