Sport Trading Cards has Turned this Father-Son Duo Into Business Partners

Tedd Mann and Charlie are a father-son duo that put an idea into action. The two have been building a company, as well as their bond, all centered around sports trading cards. Pretty cool right. In late 2021, the duo founded and launched CollX – a mobile app that allows you to snap a photo of any collectible and find out its worth. 

It all started when Charlie kept asking his dad how much his Pokemon cards were worth. Tedd was finding a problem in not being able to search eBay and other apps to find the exact value. So he created a solution in the CollX app. In the first three months of the companies launch the app has received over 70,000 downloads, local station 6 ABC reports. That is some serious tracking and proves that there is still a marketplace for trading cards.

Currently their app card database supports basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and professional wrestling cards. In the near future the duo will be adding Pokémon cards and more. 

The future seems bright for this company and, even more important, for this father-son relationship. There are many ways to bond with your kids and entrepreneurship may not be the way for everyone to do it. What’s important is finding your own way to create and build that bond. And with trading cards and CollX these two have done just that. Big Props!

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