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Rad Dad Savage is the modern dads source for savagery and fun.

We’re here to show parents that it’s ok to let loose and have fun with your kids. We do this by sharing hilarious and savage content including articles, videos, memes and more to help take your mind off the craziness of parenting.

The Rad Dad Savage personalities present original comedy sketches and pranks that will have everyone in the family cracking up!

Are you ready to be PUN-ished with PUN-ny dad jokes, memes, skits and comics? WHALE-come to Papa Bear Puns!

What’s better than a puppy video? A talking puppy video! Check out these dads doing hilarious voice overs to the internet’s funniest videos and clips.

A couple of dads that don’t talk about parenting but do talk about sports to grilling and everything in between.

The daily dad shot invites you to take a break from the craziness of parenting to indulge in a daily shot or drink to help get you through your day. Sometimes the shots are tasty and sometimes they’re nasty but they’re always needed.

That’s DANG GOOD! An everyday dad reviews everyday dad products and food to keep you on top of your dad game.