Top 5 Perfect Cocktails for Any Occasion

No matter the occasion a good cocktail is always a good thing. We have tried many cocktails and drinks and have found the cocktails below to be our favorite. If your over 21, feel free to give one or two of these cocktails a try to make your next occasion a perfect one.

1: Cucumber Pioneer

Time: 10 minutes / via Garlic and Zest

2: Cranberry Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

Time: 4 minutes / via Yay! For Food

3: Jalapeno Paloma

Time: 4 minutes / via Inspired by Charm

4: Strawberry Basil Gin Cocktail

Time: 15 minutes / via Show Me The Yummy

5: Kentucky Peach Vodka Cocktail

Time: 10 minutes / via Creative Culinary

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