WrestleQuest has the ’90s Professional Wrestling Vibe

Screenshot of WrestleQuest trailer poster

The sport of professional wrestling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It’s also one of the most physically demanding sports, requiring athletes to be in excellent shape and have exceptional strength, agility, and stamina. Which explains why professional wrestling video games are as popular as they are. On the list of best games in this niche are the WWE 2K series, the Fire Pro Wrestling series and the Defunct WCW games. These video games have been enjoyed by millions of players all over the world and have received critical acclaim awards for their gameplay, graphics, and overall entertainment value.

But theres a new contender ready to step foot in the squared circle to take its righteous place at the top. WrestleQuest is its name and old school pixel-art wrestling is its game.

WrestleQuest with the Pin for Professional Wrestling

Skybound Games and Mega Cat Studios have brought WrestleQuest to life and they did not drop the ball in this one. This RPG game will take you back to the ’90s era of professional wrestling and with the pixel-art animation it makes the timeline feel even more complete. With in-ring combat and big name wrestlers to face, it looks to be a promising title for any fan of the sport.

Players are able to customize a lot in their WrestleQuest experience. Pick whether you are a babyface or a heel. Then choose your moves, entrance music and more. Go world to world and wrestle some of the greats on each stop. Check out this instant classic professional wrestling game today and that’s the bottom line.

A Savage Dad’s Final Thought

I absolutely love wrestling games and grew up in the 90’s era of professional wrestling. I was an Ultimate Warrior fan and my brother was a Hulk Hogan fan. While this isn’t a game that has either of those wrestlers, you can never go wrong with The Macho Man. I still wear Macho Man merch to this day so I am going to be checking this game out for sure. Who was your favorite wrestler back in the day?

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