Get Ready To Rumble with Catchiest WWE Theme Songs for that Dramatic Entrance!

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WWE entrance theme songs are the hyped-up anthems that get us prepared for a Superstar’s grand entrance. They’re also incredibly catchy and have us singing along every time we hear them. So, which ones are the best of the best? Let’s countdown the top 10 WWE entrance theme songs!

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin – The Rattlesnakes

When it comes to WWE entrance music, none are as iconic as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – The Rattlesnakes. From 1997 through 2002, WWE audiences boomed every time Austin hit the ring and these ferocious instrumentals began. It epitomized his ‘vengeance-seeking badass’ persona and had enough intense energy to not only excite WWE fans but get other wrestlers hyped too! With a perfect balance of elements that made Austin feel like a larger-than-life character, this undeniably classic theme song will forever embody the WWE’s Attitude Era and remains one of the most fantastic WWE entrance themes in history.

The Rock – “If You Smelllllll…”

WWE entrance music is an iconic part of professional wrestling and none stand out more than “If You Smelllll…” by The Rock. It’s become one of WWE’s most popular songs, with several wrestlers using it as their entrance theme to great effect. With its driving bass and drums, epic guitar riffs, and The Rock’s iconic catchphrase at the apex, this song stands tall among WWE’s best entrance themes. Ryan Reynolds showed WWE fans there was no better pick for his WWE on-screen debut than this classic track by The Rock; his electrifying ring walks to “If You Smellll” made sure he left an indelible mark on WWE history.

HHH – “The Game”

When you think of an iconic entrance song, Triple H’s “The Game” instantly comes to mind. The entrancing beat and head-bobbing lyrics bring an energy that could get anyone pumped for a match. Not to mention, the song defines ‘The Game’ in all his glory and is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine when heard live at a WWE event. Listening to HHH’s “The Game” will have you ready to take on the world and greets its challenges with confidence. This is why it has made it onto our list of the top 10 best WWE entrance theme songs!

John Cena – “My Time is Now”

WWE fans around the world can agree that “My Time is Now” by WWE Superstar John Cena is one of the top WWE entrance theme songs. This iconic track was introduced to WWE fans in 2005 and instantly became identified with Cena and his WWE career. It has since become a fan favorite and a regular on WWE’s Walkout Playlist. With its hard-hitting beats and epic instrumental arrangement, this tune rightly deserves to be counted among the greatest WWE entrance theme songs of all time. Combined with Cena’s signature charisma and attitude, this song provided the framework for countless memorable moments for WWE fans everywhere.

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Undertaker – “Rollin'”

Undertaker’s entrance music ‘Rollin” is undoubtedly one of the greatest WWE entrance theme songs of all time. The sinister energy radiates through your body as the beat drops. Plus, you can’t help but feel awestruck by the feeling it creates. With its rock and metal elements, it’s no wonder it sends shivers down fan’s spines when they hear it start up. Undertaker has been an iconic superstar in the WWE Universe for decades. So, having a song that epitomizes his greatness is essential – and that’s exactly what this song does best. Even now, over two decades after its debut, hearing it at WrestleMania still feels like a triumphant experience.

Edge – “You Think You Know Me”

Edge’s theme song, “You Think You Know Me”, is the anthem of defiance and looming dread. Dark, foreboding lyrics set against hard-edged riffs driven forward by drums, this 2007 WWE debut is a classic that was instantly iconic and timely in capturing Edge’s persona. The song is truly unmatched for its tone of confidence mixed with darkness, mirroring Edge’s highly successful career. It’s a perfect blend of rock attitude and lyrical prowess. No one in the history of WWE can touch it as an entrance theme. A stirring entrance that gave Edge an immovable presence each time it blasted over the arena sound system. It’s like you knew something big was about to go down when this one hit.

Which of the WWE theme songs do you like the most?

There you have it, the top 10 best WWE entrance theme songs. These songs will surely get stuck in your head and make you want to jump up and down with excitement. They are the perfect way to get pumped up for a match. What is your favorite WWE entrance song? Let us know in the comments below.

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